Bangladesh is a amazing country to visit. We can guide you through Bangladesh's famous Sundarbans. Royal Bengal Tiger area.

Swim in the sea at the world longest sea beach at Cox Bazar.

Want to sleep above the clouds? Then you should definite visit the Chittagong Hill Track area. Sleep at the village of Sajek and be treated with a amazing view above the clouds.

Afraid of heights? Lets visit the tea garden in Sreemangal. We will treat you on a cup of tea from the famous nilkontho tea cabin. Afterwards we will make a beatifull journey to the humhu waterfalls.
Want some more information about where to go and what to do? Dont hesitate to contact us!
Merchant waving in kawran bazar.
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Tour Guides

Our guides are very friendly and social and they enjoy guiding people in their country..
Our team consist of English, Bengali and Dutch speaking guides.

We can show you amazing places in Bangladesh. You are not bounded on our time table or planning. Tell us what you want to see, what you want to do, what you want to eat, where to click some good pictures ?

Featured Packages

Here are some packages we think you might like.

lalbhag fort

Old Dhaka

Explore the chaos in old Dhaka and taste the many type of street food old Dhaka has to offer.

merchant smiling in kawran bazar

Kawran Bazar

Explore Dhaka's oldest and famous markets. This market never closes. Day and night merchants sell their products or load off incoming goods.

dhaka armenian church statue

Photography Tour

Take the photography tour if you want to learn more about your dslr and want to make some amazing clicks in Dhaka.

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