Old Dhaka Tour

Full Day tour with transport and lunch included.

Tour Information

  • Full Day Tour
  • Location: Old Dhaka

Included in Trip.

  • Transport
  • Lunch
  • Entrance fee

Group Size

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4+

Total Price

  • € 100
  • € 160
  • € 180
  • € 50 Per Person

Max Group Size: 8
Children below 12 free.


  • Dhaka Saderghat Port
  • Ahsan Manzil, Pink Palace
  • Armenian Church
  • Star Mosque
  • Secret Mosque visit
  • Lal Bahg fort
  • Dhakeswari Temple

Why choose us?

  • Cheaper then the competition.
  • More tour for less money.


This tour is customizable. Contact us for a more personalized itinerary

We will guide you through the oldest part of Dhaka.
Explore the chaos in old Dhaka and taste the many type of street food old Dhaka has to offer.
The is no time table included in this tour. Old dhaka is so busy that we are sure we can not stick to the time table.  We will of course do the whole tour.

8 am
Our guide will pick you up.

1st stop
First visit is Saderghat. This is busiest port. You will see a lot of people crossing the river in sdall boats and launches which carry people to other parts of Bangladesh. On our way to the port, we will go straight through the oldest part of Dhaka. The ride to Saderghat will give you an idea how lively old dhaka is.

2nd stop
Visit Ahsan Manzil, the pink palace.
This is one of the most popular tourist spot in Dhaka. This palace dates from the colonial period, which is museum today. The museum tells a story about a influential family in Dhaka.

3rd stop
Armenian Church church built by a Armenian colony who lived in Dhaka in the beginning of the 18th century.

4th stop
Star Mosque. A beautiful mosque in the middle of old Dhaka.

5th stop
Secret Mosque Visit.
We know a very beautiful old mosque, located in the alleyways of old Dhaka.
We named a secret mosque, because not many tour agency know this.

6th stop
Lalbahg Fort
A fort made in the mughal period. A building surround by peace and serenity in old Dhaka.

7th stop
Dhakeswari Temple beautifull hindu temple on the ring of old Dhaka. They say that this where Dhaka got it name from.

At this point we have come to the end of our tour.
We would like to treat you for some dinner in Old Dhaka, street food near old Dhaka or have dinner at a Bengali family house.

If you have enjoyed the tour, and we have some time left, we can show you more hotspots just outside of old Dhaka. This is free of charge and up to 10PM.

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