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Woman with camera standing in front of Ahsan Manzil in Dhaka
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Old Dhaka Day Tour

Explore the chaos in old Dhaka and taste the many type of street food old Dhaka has to offer.

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Old man and merchant waving in Kawran Bazar market Dhaka
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Kawran Bazar Day Tour

We will see the vegetable sellers and walk you through the alleyways where merchants sell tasty fruits and nuts. We will encourage you to engage with the merchants.

This is what makes our tour agency special. We will not just walk through the market, you are going to interact with the merchants!

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Woman picking tea in the tea gardens of Bangladesh
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Sreemangal 3 Day Tour

Sreemangal is a fun destination to start exploring Dhaka.
It is a calm and quit destination where you explore Bangladesh in a relaxing way.
Sreemangal has beatifull tea gardens from different company's.

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Boat at sea during sunset
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Saint Martin 3 Day Tour

Discover the most southern island of Bangladesh. Gold sandy beaches, delicious food and the milkyway is visible during the night, due to no light polution.

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Holy Maria statue in the Armenian Church in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
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Photography Tour

Dear customer. This tour is not available yet. We are currently brainstorming on how to get you the best experience.

It is possible to send us a message and tell us, where your interest is. So we can make a personalized photography tour.

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